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W. W. Grainger, Inc. is an American Fortune 500 industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago by William W. (Bill) Grainger. He founded the company in order to provide consumers with access to a consistent supply of motors. The company now serves more than 3 million customers worldwide with offerings such as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies.

A former warehouse worker mentioned in a review, "Would not recommend working at Acklands Grainger if you are looking for a stable job. management is poor, the company puts its needs ahead of the workers needs. Very disorganized and safety is ok at best."


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Management treatment is like you are worthless, all about profit. My way or the highway"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Thanks for the review. I'm sorry to hear your experience wasn't consistent with what we strive to provide. We'll be sure to provide this feedback to our HR and team member experience teams. I do think it's important to address one issue, however, in the interest of accuracy. The MRO industry is, in fact, growing. Sincere best wishes for the future."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Thanks for sharing your opinion."

Current Employee - Operations Manager says

"HR is lost, they do not know or have the desire to do what any solid company should have, a solid HR. They are great at passing the buck, and sitting idle. Too many individuals working at HR forget the importance of people, and the importance of doing their role. Taking ownership... something HR does not do. Most companies handle the hiring, all in house. Not AGI, they choose to use a third party company who are simply hired to fill bodies. What about taking charge, I mean, isn't that your job? Some individuals are laid back, and like to cruise and pass the buck when it comes time to work. Sense of urgency is non existant, and those individuals are low performers. Too many employees are still feeling the sting directly or indirectly after the massive closures and restructuring. They live in the past, and fail to move forward. Too much wallowing in self pity and yet your coworkers are demotivating and disillusioned with reality that they continue to be heard for there griping and nobody holds them accountable by cleaning house. You got to spend money on your work staff in order to make the changes required to move forward. Until you do so, you will continue to drift along until you crash and burn. Eventually the good managers and people you come across move on, simply because they are ousted or choose to no longer fight the bureaucracy and resistance from within the organization. Senior American Leaders are clueless, self righteous, all knowing, closed minded, and simply cannot hear or listen. They talk the talk, but have no clue how to walk the walk. Lynching someone or finding someone to sacrifice is a defeatist way of learning and moving forward. They just don't get it. The rah! rah! rah! is a culture thing, and in Canada that simply is laughed at by your people. Slowly the company erosion persists, and good people find themselves being appreciated at the competition. Nice way of having your employees better themselves. Learn at AGI, and then move on to benefit your competition. The benefits package is there for window dressing, but it is pale with the standard in the industry in terms of what is covered and the amount. Most items from within the catalog is overpriced. So much so, that most items are above msrp, no wonder your customers choose to purchase from many other distributors. This doesn't have to be that way, but the red tape and dinosaur mentality makes this the norm."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"its almost impossible to get any sort of commission no consistent structure basically a call centre"

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"1) MICROMANAGEMENT from top to bottom. 2) Lack of direction. 3) No CRM 4) Multiple reports taking time off sales. 5) Spend allot more time in front of computer entering fake or wrong data to satisfy middle management. 6) One way conversation. 7) No respect. 8) Horrible working condition."

Former Employee - Senior Account Manager says

"To be as fair as I can be, the list of cons lay with certain middle management district sales managers certain director of sales that just has no clue what professionalism is to national customers or what is actually going on within DSM's. Or just dont care. What I witnessed, watching mass layoffs happen, great people quitting due to terrible managers, and then the outcome thereafter was jaw dropping to say the least. They will entice you by this work from home policy but all the while have you under their thumb hounding you with endless silly reports on excel spread sheets with no CRM and big corporate (must go) events that do next to nothing for your time other than meet and greets with other teams across the USA. There is no such thing as employee engagement improvement, they do nothing about it, I lived it there and heard the same from long tenured employees. This organization is unfortunately stuck in decades old mindset of big corporate mandate now run by the USA machine all forced down the line in management to you the sales rep. Some of it has value, most of it is old hat to seasoned sales people and they don't last long anyway."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"They are closing branches and cutting jobs. They are putting higher work loads on the people that are staying and senior management does not seem to know what they are doing. The company is going in the wrong direction."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Alot of upper mgmt think they are better then the ones who do the work. This was a great company in the past but not amymore."

Not ever told because no call back as promised (Former Employee) says

"If you are going to interview and do a phone screening and then a video interview and tell someone you are going to call them by Friday and you don’t how unprofessional. Have the courtesy and decency and respect for another person to at least let them know you are not hiring them. Don’t make statements you have a job no matter what and never call again. Shame on you. Shame on you twice for not caring enough to make a simple phone call and being respectful. There are hard working amazing people out here begging for jobs. Again - shame on you!! How unprofessional and uncaring. Try being professional!! Have some courtesy and stop making promises you aren’t going to keep. Is it really that hard to make a simple phone call??? I would never recommend your company for anything ever again. I used to think a lot of your company. Not anymore."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work no support customers are rude, there is no support if they do not like you, I felt completely alone and attacked all the time."

Warehouse Associate (COF) says

"Management is horrible. If your working in COF pick you have to guess your picking the right item and the right quantity because if you go ask about something you get questioned why your gap time is so long. They want you to be fast and productive but slow and acurate.Benefits start from day 1Managment, supervisors who know nothing about their job"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not work around school schedule and they always switch up your shift. The managers are not helpful and when you try to find someone to help you there is most likely no management in site. You have to bid on hours and they do not care if you make your classes or not. You get 2-10 minute breaks and if you are 5 seconds late you get written up. The pay increase does not come around like it should. Most raises are very small. The hourly wage was very low and it is very hard to hit production because they nit pick the way you sound or the way you handle orders. Very hard to move up in this coffeeshort breaks, does not work with school schedule and you get wrote up for taking to many bathroom breaks"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"At first I loved my job then the past year it was horrible. They changed the policy. They don't even go by the Grainger way.My supervisor should of never been hired. Don't know what they are doing. Said they care about the employees but don't. Upper management is a joke. You don't really get a head unless you are friends with upper management. QA is messed up. Bad thing is when one employee got fired they send a email to all the call center about why he got fired and he was working for Grainger for 11 years. That just tell you how they "care about their employees. I wouldn't recommend working for Grainger"

Chargeback Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"if their HR would have listened to many people going through their offices about one director, more would not have had stress-leave - some are still on stress-leave 4 years later. Wake up!"

Inventory Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Horrible leadership, everyone is all about drama & spread rumors around, including the supervisors. HR write you up for the smallest reasons, for example, if you don’t smile at all times, hold the door for others & even use the toilet for too long"

gtp (Former Employee) says

"was a ok place to work just poor management ,they would make you work way to fast and if a error would happen you they take it to far not a fun place to work"

Sales & Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"It depends on who you know not past experience for advancement. Manager lets you know how much they dislike their job which makes your job worse. If you work overtime or a holiday once they expect you to do it all the time."

Representante de Servicio al Cliente (Former Employee) says

"Los gerentes de tienda no te dan opción a qué opines, no te dejan tener estabilidad laboral."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A company where favoritism means everything/work ethic means nothing. Management is absolutely horrible. Only butt kissers move up at this "Company".BenefitsManagement"

DC Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is bad. You never know what time your getting off. I'd avoid unless your absolutely in need of a job. The culture in the place is the worst I have ever seen."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Inventory and managment are horrible. You are set up to fail and never advance in this company. You will be in constant contact with human rights and the labour board working here.The staffInventory/managers"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed.... that's all I can say about it. The management team is always coming with ways to screw over the employees. Like with the work load. They dont make it to where you can make your productivity because they're always taking production from you. Like they want you pick 50 items and hour which I use to do and more and at the end of an 8 hour shift I would end up about 200 picks which should be 400 are more within an 8 hour shift. Then they would use production to screw you over after they known they have took production from you and gave it to someone else to help out the production. JUST WRONG PERIOD upupwith"

Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"The heel of the company micromanaged unrealisric sales targets and to many metrics. I was in the top 1 percent but watched this dept. Go downhill over a period of 3 years. Dont reccomend unless you are using the job as a stepping stone or resume bolster."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company is a great place to start to out to build your customer services skills. They offer work from home and are open 24/7, 365; hours so your work hours can be flexible. If you challenge them or attempt to make changes and you're not friends with your leads you won't get ahead."

Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"The branch operations to coordinate fulfillment needs for customers was moved to another country. Makes no sense to have this dept moved to a foreign speaking work force."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend if you are looking for a stable job. management is poor, the company puts its needs ahead of the workers needs. Very disorganized and safety is ok at best."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Employees backstab each other, by trying to take each other to H.R over comments that where said 6+ months ago. It won't be that comment that day that gets you in trouble, but once you make your fellow friend or coworker mad, or forbid a safety issue, they will use anything and everything you ever said to them against you at H.R. Almost all managers have been turned, expect for 2. Machine put-way team, has worst turnover rate, and most don't last 6 months due to unrealistic expectations set by managers for productivity, when aisle, equipment and dock team don't set them up for success. Their is no accountably for supervisors as once you have been crossed out by management, and not in the good ol boy system, you will never get promoted, never get a raise, and if all likely pushed out the door. The management team sits a desk almost all day, is rarely on floor but twice a night to help with issues and or task, or accidents. Otherwise, to request pto, time off, or other issues, they tend to disappear and they will be hard to find if you have questions. Don't rely on teammates, or management, they won't be helpful, as grainger is more of a (I need to put this product away here, without asking any question as why we are doing this, and get to my next location as fast as I can, rather or not I disagree or have concerns). Don't complain about anything ever even safety, expsically long tenured employees. They will hold a grudge against you for life! All in all, if you get a job here, don't believe anything anyone tells you if they are being nice to you, you haveHealth, PtoHours always work mandatory Friday, employees, team members, lack of accountability"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management shows favoritism, punish the good workers. Promotions and pay raises only to the employees that kiss they butt. They make they own rules!!!NothingEverything"

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